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My wikiname is ErnestoAM, the AM stands for my last name "Aguirre", and middle name "Maldonado". I mainly contribute to the Plants Vs. Zombies Wiki, but have also contributed to the Plants vs. Zombies Characte Creator Wiki, Plants vs. Zombies Roleplay Wiki, Mario Wiki, Metal Slug Wiki, and the Create-Game Wiki.


I like to have fun and chat with my friends, and can be quite nice once you get to know me. (But beware, disrespect, annoy, bug, insult, hurt, injure, <enter other redundant word> me, I will turn into a demon and gobble you up whole.) I like to act immaturely whenever I'm chatting with friends such as posting random images from time to time or sometimes craving for attention, though mostly when I feel bored and lonely. Though I will act mature when the time is needed, such as when a friend needs help or some voting thread on the PvZ Wiki needs voting.

Favorite Game Series/Franchises

Super Mario

My #1 favorite game franchise, it has always been there for me ever since I played my first Mario game since I was 5.

Plants vs. Zombies

It has always been there for me whenever I feel bored and having nothing else to do on the go.

Metal Slug

The best side scroller run and gun shoot'em up in my opinion, no other can match its greatness.