Welcome to the ErnestoAM Wikia

Hello, and welcome to my very own wiki, I am contributing/have contributed to the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, Plants vs. Zombies Character Creator Wiki, Plants vs. Zombies Roleplay Wiki, Metal Slug WikiMario Wiki, Bejeweled Wiki, Create-Game Wiki, and the ErnestoAM Wiki. As well as some others but I forgot them. You can find me in any of these wikis! As a regular user, that is.

Currently Active/Semi-active Wikis

  • ErnestoAM Wiki - Founder. I am the owner. Derp.
  • Plants vs. Zombies Wiki - As a regular user, used to have content and chat moderator powers.
  • Bejeweled Wiki - As a Rollback and Content Moderator, mostly just help with providing images.

Describe your topic

This wiki is all about me, ErnestoAM! And Plants vs. Zombies, and whatever I'm interested in putting here.

Metal Slug Attack Icon

I currently play Metal Slug Attack and some Bejeweled games. Still play PvZ games from time to time, but no way am I going back full time to PvZ Heroes, only for the daily ads and occasional multi-pack opening.