Welcome to the ErnestoAM Wikia

Hello, and welcome to my very own wiki, I am contributing/have contributed to the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki, Plants vs. Zombies Characte Creator Wiki, Plants vs. Zombies Roleplay Wiki, Metal Slug WikiMario Wiki, Create-Game Wiki, and the ErnestoAM Wiki. You can find me in any of these wikis! As a regular user in most, that is.

Currently Active Wikis

  • ErnestoAM Wiki - Founder
  • Plants vs. Zombies Wiki - As a regular user, no more chat moderator powers.

Describe your topic

This wiki is all about me, ErnestoAM! And Plants vs. Zombies, and whatever I am interested in putting here.

Metal Slug Attack Icon

I currently play Metal Slug Attack, but I still play PvZ games from time to time, but no fucking way am I going back to PvZ Heroes. Only for assembling textures and that's it.

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