Plants vs. Zombies 2

Holly Barricade

Holly Knight2
Holly Barricade deals damage to zombies attacking him, and can launch 3 prickly barrier leaves to knock back and damage zombies.



Sun Cost:



tap to arm, tap on target tile to fire


projectile knocks back, does damage, leaves barrier on empty tiles


Holly Barricade would like to advise folks not to eat his berries. ""It's rude to eat somebody's berries without asking,"" he says. ""In addition, they are highly toxic."""

Versions available in:

6.3.1 and 6.4.1

Holly Barricade is an unused plant added in the 6.3.1 update, and is currently unknown what it is used for. In the v6.3.1 update, it uses Endurian's textures as a place holder, as well as acting like Endurian. Suggesting that it might have been an Endurian upgrade, or at least a defensive melee attacker. Its degrades are also the same. Even though it has a shield to begin with, it does not offer any additional defense and is most likely a bug in the programming. However, it dissappears once the plant reaches the first degrade. In the v6.4.1 update, it used Homing Thistle's textures as a place holder now.

Plant Food

(v6.3.1) Gains a shield. The shield has no degrades and with the shield always on bug, it makes it difficult to tell when the actual shield breaks.

(v6.4.1) Unknown.



coming soon


  • It is named "hollyknight" in the codes.

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