iTunesArtwork is the file used to give the IPA (iPhone/iPod/iPad Application) its icon on the iOS device. To access the full high resolution, simply follow these steps.

Full artwork with no edges rounded

  1. Get an IPA file.
  2. Change the extension file to a zip.
  3. Use any unzipping software to unzip it.
  4. I file name "iTunesArtwork" will be there.
  5. Simply give it an extension that is either "jpg" or "png".
  6. Done.

Artwork with edges rounded

Please Note: You will need iTunes and version of it, since it is no longer possible as of version 12.
  1. Move an IPA file to iTunes.
  2. Right click on it and click one "Get Info".
  3. Another small window will shop up with the summary of the app.
  4. Click on the "Artwork" tab and you will see the app's icon.
  5. Simply drag the image onto a folder or desktop.
  6. Done.

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