All zombie internal names.

Internal Names

Names used in the codes for Plants vs. Zombies 2.



Internal Name


Basic Zombie tutorial 8
Conehead Zombie tutorial_armor1 15
Buckethead Zombie tutorial_armor2 15
Flag Zombie tutorial_flag 13
Imp tutorial_imp 12
Gargantuar tutorial_gargantuar 19
Vase Gargantuar vase_gargantuar 15
Mummy Zombie mummy 5
Conehead Mummy mummy_armor1 12
Buckethead Mummy mummy_armor2 12
Pyramid-Head Zombie mummy_armor4 12
Flag Mummy mummy_flag 10
Ra Zombie ra 2
Camel Zombie (one hump) camel_onehump 13
Camel Zombie (two humps) camel_twohump 13
Camel Zombie (many humps) camel_manyhump 14
Explorer Zombie explorer 8
Tomb Raiser Zombie tomb_raiser 11
Pharaoh Zombie pharaoh 7
Imp Mummy egypt_imp 8
Mummified Gargantuar egypt_gargantuar 16
Zombot Sphinx-inator zombossmech_egypt 17
Pirate Zombie pirate 6
Conehead Pirate pirate_armor1 13

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