Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is a game made by PopCap Games, published by Electronic Arts. For slightly more information about the game, even though my article is way better, check it out over at the PvZ Wiki.

APKs (Android)

Mostly useless, but at least there is an archive here.

Version Number ID APK File Size Comment Download
1.0.11 6 35.5 MB Android release Download
1.0.17 8 33.4 MB Bug fixes Download
1.0.19 11 33.4 MB Bug fixes Download
1.2.11 17 43.5 MB Major changes Download
1.4.14 24 47 MB Minor changes Download
1.6.27 30 47.5 MB Hero Quests added Download
1.8.23 42 49.3 MB World-wide release Download
1.8.26 45 49.3 MB Bug fixes Download
1.10.14 72 69.6 MB Weekly Events added Download
1.10.22 69.4 MB Bug fixes Download
1.12.6 91 69.2 MB Strategy Decks added Download
1.14.13 110 69.2 MB Daily Challenges added Download
1.16.10 59.6 MB Galactic Gardens update Download

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