Unused text found in all versions of the game. If something was/is used, please edit this page.

"Found in" means the first version it was found in, it does not necessary mean it is still in the strings in later updates.


PC Support

There is text related for PC support for the game. Might possibly be a leftover from the previous game. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

Hardware Acceleration cannot be enabled on this computer.

Your video card does not
meet the minimum requirements
for this game.
Windowed mode is only available if your desktop was running in either
16 bit or 32 bit color mode when you started the game.

If you'd like to run in Windowed mode then you need to quit the game and switch your desktop to 16 or 32 bit color mode.
No Windowed Mode
Not Supported
3D Acceleration
Full Screen
Your video card may not fully support this feature.

If you experience slower performance, please disable Hardware Acceleration.

Naming Penny

You could have possibly named Penny? Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

I didn't quite get that...
That's your name, silly!

Introduction Game Question

Asks you if you have played Plants vs. Zombies before. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

Have you played Plants vs. Zombies before?
What's a Zombie?
We go way back

Power up Narratives

Apparently, Crazy Dave and Penny would have had dialog while introducing each power up. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}I have a new creation for you. With proper access to the time stream, you can adjust metaparticles to--
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY:crazydave}{EXCITED}{MEDIUM}I think this one is Zombie Flicker!
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}This one is called Mega Zombie Head Pincher.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY:crazydave}{PLAYFUL}{MEDIUM}I call this... hey, that's pretty good!
{NPC_EXIT:crazydave}{SAY:winnie}My programming forbids the use of expletives.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}Power-up is now online. Zap away.
{SAY:crazydave}{EXCITED}{MEDIUM}It's like magic, but better!
{SAY:winnie}Any sufficiently advanced technological solution looks just like magic.

Power up Demo Placeholder Text

Very simple placeholder text. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).


Disabling Extra Profiles

There might have been a feature which disabled the ability to make any addition profiles. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

By not allowing additional profiles, this will delete your non-primary profiles.  Are you sure you want to do that?

Switching Views

Text related to switching, well, jumping from some sort of view to another. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).


Hiding the Lawn

It was possible to hide the lawn? Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).


Hero Event

Some sort of event with an unknown purpose. Possibly related to the unused Cleopatra Zombie. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

A Wild Hero Event Appears!

Cleopatra Event Notification

A notification that would have told when the unused Cleopatra Zombie would have shown up. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

It's a Cleopatra.

Ancient Egypt Event

Text for an event happening in Ancient Egypt, most likely related to Cleopatra Zombie's appearance. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

Ancient Egypt - Event {LEVEL_NUMBER}

Hidden Settings Text

Possibly for people digging through the game's files. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

This is everything that could ever be said about this game! Right here! You're looking at it!
Very Important Legal Text Here

German Age Gate

An empty string found in the game, would have most likely referred to the age law for Germany. Found in v1.9.


Advice for too Many Plants

Possibly for when the player tried to use Plant Food on plants which duplicated and the second one for when the player tapped a seed packet while the lawn was full or was not enough room. Found in v1.9.

Plant Food would create too many plants
Too many plants to plant now


World Reference

Has unused text for being a world itself. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).


Ancient Egypt

Instead of removing it completely, they simply added "OLD" into the string name. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}{EXCITED}Good news! Penny found a map to my taco!
{NPC_ENTER:winnieicon}{TIRED}No, that is a time-space map to the plants that can help us.
{EXCITED:crazydaveicon}{SPECIAL3}Let's go get my taco!

Far Future

Early Text

Early name, text, etc.

An early name for this world, simply named "Future." Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).


An unknown type of challenge, most likely a placeholder until they have thought of one. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

Future Challenge 1-{LEVEL_NUMBER}
Future Challenge 3-{LEVEL_NUMBER}
Future Challenge 2-{LEVEL_NUMBER}

Early Far Future level intro text. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

The Future - Day {LEVEL_NUMBER}
{PLAYER}'s Trip to the Future!

Final Day of Far Future. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

Survive a massive attack in the Future
Final Day

Early Far Future world preview text. Found in v1.0.226789 (iOS).

In the year 2323, the zombies will have brain extraction down to a science! Can the plants of the future save you from the undead of tomorrow!
More Levels!
New Challenge Zone!
More Plants!
More Upgrades!
Access More New Items!

Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

Access to the Terror from Tomorrow!
24 more Stars obtainable in the Future!
Universe Star Gate available!

An unused mini-game that never made it to the game. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

Zomboss Test Lab - I
Zomboss Test Lab - II
Zomboss Test Lab - III

Far Future Star Gate name. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).


Narratives with placeholder strings. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Last Stand A
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Last Stand B
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Last Stand C
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Minigame A
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Minigame B
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Minigame C
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Preset A
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Preset B
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Preset C
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Sun Bombs A
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Sun Bombs B
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Future Sun Bombs C

Possibly for a level where Power Tiles came out from conveyor belts. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY}Power Tile Place-erators Activate!

Early introduction text for Far Future - Day 1. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{PLAYFUL:crazydave}The future sure is shiny!
{SAY}And what are those powered-up looking doodads?

When you failed the Power Tile tutorial in Far Future - Day 1. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Whoa, better try that one again!

Would have shown after completing Far Future. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}That Mr. Boss guy was kind of a jerk.
{NPC_ENTER:winnieicon}Continue earning Stars to unlock new Star Gates we discover!
{SAY:winnieicon}Plus, practice advanced planting techniques in the Challenge Zones.
{SAY:crazydaveicon}Just remember. Plants are for planting...
{SAY:crazydaveicon}And brains, those are for...braining?

After completing Far Future - Day 1, with an in-game developer joke. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}{START_DIALOG_MUSIC}User Dave, it's placeholder Future Outro time!

After getting the Far Future note. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnieicon}Looks like we got an instant message.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}{EXCITED}Mr. Boss guy is looking forward to meeting us!
{TIRED:winnieicon}I believe he's looking forward to eating us.
{SAY:winnieicon}Well, eating our brains at least.

Scrapped Star Challenge involving Power Tiles coming from conveyor belts. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

Survive the attack
Power Tile Place-erators

Final day of Far Future. Found in v1.1.233714 (iOS).

Survive a massive attack in the Far Future
Final Day

Probably from an alternative path which used Magnifying Grass as the main challenge. Found in v1.3.239853 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{TIRED}Looks like we don't have much firepower here Penny.
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY}With a good supply of sun...
{EXCITED:winnie}Magnifying Grass can pack quite the punch.
{PLAYFUL:crazydave}Prepare to eat the rainbow you zombies!
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY}Time for a spike to the foot!
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{EXCITED}Yeah! And a rainbow to the face!
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY}Sun to ammo conversion was 17% more effective than expected.
{PLAYFUL:winnie}Maybe those zombies should have used sun block.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{EXCITED}We totally crushed it! With rainbows!

For the Sun Bomb path of Far Future. Found in v1.3.239853 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{TIRED}You know how sometimes suns are bombs?
{EXCITED}This is one of these times!

Revised introduction text for Far Future. Found in v1.3.239853 (iOS).

{EXCITED:crazydave}The future sure is shiny!
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{EXCITED}Shiny and rather energetic!
{SAY:winnie}My scanners show an energy field beneath the lawn.
{PLAYFUL:crazydave}And those powered-up looking doodads are on top of the lawn.
{TIRED:crazydave}What could it all mean?

Most likely used for the last day of Far Future. Found in v1.3.239853 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}{START_DIALOG_MUSIC}Amazingly after that attack, all systems are operational.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{PLAYFUL}All my limbs are present and accounted for, but…
{EXCITED:crazydave}There's a crack in my favorite taco holder!

Narratives used after you have regained your plants back from Dr. Zomboss.

{NPC_ENTER:winnieicon}{EXCITED}We've successfully retrieved our lost plants!
{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}{PLAYFUL}Aw, I missed those little guys.

When you enter Far Future for the first time. Found in v1.3.239853 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}{PLAYFUL}The Future looks amazing! I wonder if...
{NPC_ENTER:zombossicon}Dr. Edgar Zomboss welcomes you to the Future!
{EXCITED:crazydaveicon}Hey, look Mr. Boss guy!
{SAY:zombossicon}As per our agreed terms, your brains...
{EXCITED:crazydaveicon}One question gentleman, Mr. Boss guy, sir!
{SAY:zombossicon}Will be collected, in say 10 days time...
{SAY:winnieicon}I don't think he's listening User Dave.
{SAY:zombossicon}Kind regards, Dr. Edgar Zomboss.
{PLAYFUL:crazydaveicon}Wow... he sure is swell!

Far Future's Last Stand path. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:crazydave}Hey, it’s me! But from the future! Has tac-nology advanced yet?
{TIRED:winnie}I don’t know. I’m still looking for my taco.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:crazydave}I have to make THIS question count! What’s your favorite taco topping?
{PLAYFUL:winnie}Hot sauce!
{SAY:crazydave}We should be friends.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Hey, where did “Future Me” go?
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}I requested his departure to avoid a temporal paradox.
{TIRED:winnie}My User Dave limit cannot exceed one.

The Mini-game path for Far Future. It was most likely some sort of Dr. Zomboss battle run. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{TIRED}Another Zomboss battle? You can’t keep a bad guy down.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{PLAYFUL}Second time is the charm, right? Right?
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{SAY}Penny, do you ever get déjà vu?
{SAY:crazydave}Penny, do you ever get déjà vu?

More narratives for the Sun Bomb path. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{EXCITED}This zone is filled with Sun Bombs. Maintain caution.
{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY}One more level and I will no longer fear for my circuits.

Revised introduction for the Power Tile conveyor belt level. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{EXCITED}Conveyor belts: The technology of yesterday, today!

Further revision on the introduction text for Far Future. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY}Upon our entry into the Future, I have detected a weight change in the cabin.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{EXCITED}Thanks for noticing! I haven’t eaten in 4000 years.
{SAY:winnie}Several plants have been beamed away, and are being held hostage by Zomboss.
{PLAYFUL:crazydave}That’s nice of him to plant-sit for us.
{EXCITED:crazydave}Hey, what happened to the lawn?  It’s so glowy!
{SAY:winnie}I’ve also detected Power Tiles on the space lawn.

Revision on the world map narratives for Far Future. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnieicon}{SAY}What is our purpose here, User Dave?
{TIRED:winnieicon}Based on my threat gauge, I cannot advise moving ahead.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}But... future tacos! Tac-nology surely has advanced!
{PLAYFUL:crazydaveicon}Let’s head over to those giant robots. I think I know those guys.

Dr. Zomboss would have messaged you before or after Crazy Dave and Penny finished talking when entering Far Future for the first time. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{SAY:zombossicon}As you have reached the 50% mark, we have sent you the invoice for 50% of your brain.
{SAY:zombossicon}We expect partial delivery in person, in 5 days’ time.
{SAY:zombossicon}Regards, Dr. Edgar Zomboss.
{NPC_ENTER:crazydaveicon}Wow... he sure is swell!

World preview description was changed for a brief moment, and number counts were added. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

If tacos were amazing before, then they have to be EVEN BETTER in the future! Has the taco been perfected? Only time will tell.
+22 Levels!
+1 Challenge Zone!
+7 Plants!
+1 Upgrade!
Access 31 New Items!

Dark Ages

Early text, narratives, etc.

Beta Dark Ages - Night 1 introduction, suggesting that Sunflowers (assuming Twin Sunflowers as well) could not be used in this world due to them sleeping. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}{NPC_ENTER:winnie}{SAY:winnie}We’ve entered the Dark Ages, User Dave.
{SAY:crazydave}They weren’t kidding about the “Dark” part!
{SAY:winnie}Right. Which means: sun won’t fall from the sky.
{SAY:winnie}And you can’t plant sunflowers...they’re sleeping!
{SAY:crazydave}{EXCITED}Good thing I brought these sun-shrooms! They make more and more sun over time!

Time Twister

Was planned to be the final world for Plants vs. Zombies 2, before they decided to continue adding worlds. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{PLAYER}'s Trip to Time Twister
Time Twister - Day {LEVEL_NUMBER}
Time Twister

Endless Zone

More Lawnmowers and Plant Food

Might have been possible to get more than 1 Lawnmower and Plant Food at a time from a single card.

Restores up to %d missing lawn mowers at the start of the level
Starts you off with %d extra Plant Foods

Danger Isle

An unused Endless Zone. Who knows what it was for.

Danger Isle - Level {LEVEL_NUMBER}
Welcome to Danger Isle!


Early Marigold Text

Used placeholder text from the first game.

{KEYWORD}Special: {STAT}gives coins

{FLAVOR}Marigold spends a lot of time deciding whether to spit out a silver coin or a gold one. She 
thinks about it, weighs the angles. She does solid research and keeps up with current publications. 
That's how winners stay ahead.
Marigolds give you coins.
Gives you coins

Early Laser Bean Text

Different from the plant's final release.

{KEYWORD}Range: {STAT}all zombies in a lane

{FLAVOR}Was just a regular bean until a lab accident involving a chemical spill and a radioactive weevil gave him strange powers beyond those of normal beans.

Early Blover Text

Placeholder from the first game.

{KEYWORD}Usage: {STAT}single use, instant
{KEYWORD}Special: {STAT}blows away all flying zombies

{FLAVOR)When Blover was five he got a shiny new birthday cake. Blover made his wish, huffed and puffed, 
but was able to extinguish only 60% of the candles. Instead of giving up, though, he's used that early 
defeat as a catalyst to push himself harder ever since.

Citron's Early Name

Was an entirely different name than was it is now. Used to be named "Plasma Bean," but probably changed it due to Laser Bean already being a, well, bean.

Plasma Bean
{FLAVOR}As a young bean he dreamed of becoming a magical fruit.  Maybe some kind of citrus specializing in close-up magic.
Plasma Beans shoot powerful balls of plasma.
Shoots powerful balls of plasma

Early Citron Text

Had a different almanac entry than its final release.

{FLAVOR}Since he was a young citrus he tried to donate plasma to help out people, but his juices were too acidic.  Then he discovered how to donate a different kind of plasma.

Same, but still using "plasmabean" as a code reference.

{FLAVOR}Since he was a young citrus he tried to donate plasma to help out people, but his juices were too acidic.  Then he discovered how to donate a different kind of plasma.
Citrons shoot powerful balls of plasma.

Early Starfruit Text

Placeholder from the first game.

{FLAVOR}"Aw, man," says Starfruit. "I went to the dentist the other day and he said I have four cavities. 
I've got --count it-- ONE tooth! Four cavities in one tooth? How does this happen?"

Infi-nut Text Fix

His almanac entry had a misspelled word.

{KEYWORD}Special: {STAT}regenerates health over time

{FLAVOR}Aa a young nut, spent way too much time standing between two mirrors and trying to look into infinity.

Early Magnifying Grass Text

Was possibly going to be named differently.

Magnifying Grass turns sun into a focused beam of damage.

Imitater Plant Name

Might have been used in the seed selection when imitating a plant.

Imitater {PLANT}

Tile Turnip's Early Name & Text

Used to be named "Power Plant" before being changed to what we know today. It is still referred to as "Power Plant" in the codes.

The Power Plant cannot be planted on a Power Tile
Power Plant
{FLAVOR}Through great sacrifice comes great Power Tiles.  Such is the way of the Power Plant.
Power Plants create a Power Tile on planting.

Same, but now named "Tile Turnip."

{FLAVOR}Through great sacrifice comes great Power Tiles.  Such is the way of the Tile Turnip.

Early Chomper Tool Tip

Leftover from the first game.

Eats a zombie, then chews on it for a while

Pinata Party

Early Pinata Party Introduction Text

Another placeholder until they got everything implemented. More jokes by the developers. Found in v1.5.252123 (iOS).

{NPC_ENTER:winnie}PLACEHOLDER Intro text for Level of the Day!
{NPC_ENTER:crazydave}PLACEHOLDER I agree!

Zen Garden

Unused Boosts

There were once more variety of boosts to choose from, but only the First Strike boost made it into the game. Found in v2.0.1.

Defeated zombies drop coins
Extra tough
Recharges faster
Faster attack rate
Explodes when shoveled
Reduced sun cost
Bounty Hunter
Extra Toughness
Fast Recharge
Rapid Fire
Shovel Bomb
Sun Discount


Empty strings found in the game.


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