Here is a list of all the things I saw different from the other versions.


  • The quality is low.
  • Straight shooters can also shoot on the 4th lane on Roof levels without hitting the roof.
  • Once Aquatic plants are happy in the Zen Garden, they no longer need anymore treatment.
  • Split Pea's idle animation speeds up after it shoots.
  • Wall-nut and Imitater have a different idle animation in the Suburban Almanac than in-game.
  • Pumpkin and Flower Pot have an idle animation in the Suburban Almanac, but not in-game.
  • Fog in Fog levels don't completely cover the top lane, making it easy to spot zombies on said lane.
  • If Ducky Tube Zombies are defeated before entering the water, they will still use the "sinking into the water" animation.
  • There is a bug where an Aquatic plant's growing animation after given Fertilizer won't play.
    • Unsure about Sea-shroom and Tangle Kelp. Lily Pad is confirmed to have this bug..
  • A plant's glowing animation around the pot won't appear after made happy, probably to save on memory. Can be made visible by moving the plant with the Gardening Glove.
  • Cob Cannon does not have a cob pre-loaded in the Suburban Almanac.
  • If Newspaper Zombie loses its newspaper and then loses its arm while still playing the "lost newspaper" animation, the said zombie will immediately switch to its angry walking animation but will stay in place until defeated.
  • Digger Zombie takes a whole lot less time to come out of concussion after emerging from the left side of the lawn.
  • Coffee Bean and Gloom-shroom smile in their seed packet image.
  • Pumpkin's mouth and eyes cannot be seen through.

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