If a zombie has lenny-ish qualities, destroy it.


Kicks your nuts for 5 damage.


If a zombie is a zombie, destroy that zombie.

Jurassic Bully

Cannon be bounced.

Taco with a Waffle in it

Gives all plants +5/5


Any zombie that attacks this will be dealt 2 damage. If a trick is used on it, the Zombie Hero will be dealt 2 damage.

Blockhead Zombie

Has one more armor than a Knight of the Unliving Dead, but the armor goes away when a fire plant attacks it.

Hunter Zombie

Zombie equivalent to the Snow Pea, but throws 3 snowballs. Starts out with 1 strength, but if more is added, each snowball will do that much damage.

Boombox Zombie

When played: Stuns every plant for that turn. Will not attack either.

Played Zombie

When played: is played.


Deals 3 damage to your weenie, gain 2 nut teammates.


The bigger the Grownana, the bigger the damage.

Bestest Pizza

Eat a pizza, gain a teammate.

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