The swellest of all Starfruits!

Good artist, bad faker

Starfruity is a user who mostly spends his times over at the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki. He has helped me with a lot of stuff like adding emoticons onto that wiki, or just a simple task with CSS. Even though we may fight sometimes, that won't break us apart from our friendship. We will always find a way to sort things out from our opinions.


Starfruity is a good artist, and can hack Plants vs. Zombies pretty well. Even making a ZomPlant (Plants with zombie head textures) and ZomBotany (Zombies with plant head textures) texture modifications once. He also made a rip-off knock off of Flappy Birds named "Flappy Starfruity", in which the only difference is playing as Starfruity himself flying and avoiding branding irons.

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